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Omni Business & Accounting Solutions

  • Upfront pricing

  • Great service, we return your calls

  • Over 16 years’ experience

Do you want an accountant who…

  • … cares about you and your business?
    … doesn’t bill you more than you expected?
    … listens and doesn’t time your calls to charge you later?

    Be seen. Be heard.

    Remember when you could…

  • Ask for help, and got it…?
    Seek advice, and feel supported?
    Have a brave new idea, and get it started!

    At Omni Business &
    Accounting Solutions, we
    support you
    all the way.

    We will help you feel empowered to:
    Make informed decisions
    Understand your cash flow
     Clarify your expenses
    Set achievable goals
    Plan for your future

  • Our professional accounting and business tax services
    are personal, friendly and attentive. With over 16 years’
    experience, we’ve learnt you know best when it comes
    to your business. In short, we work with you, not against.
    We provide our clients with a fixed upfront quote so you
    know the fee before the work begins. We’re also generous
    with our time when it comes to phone calls, plus we
    Ready for business success?
How Can We Help | Omni Business and Accounting Solutions