Everyone starts a business for a reason, but a lot of business owners either don’t start with a
specific goal or they start with one, file it away and forget about it.

A goal is like a magnet, you might pull hard against it and go in another direction, but it will
pull you back in the direction you need to go. Without goals we bounce from one thing to
another, get distracted and chase the wrong things and find ourselves lost. We are then left
wondering why it is not going the way we thought it would.

Goals are not just for the business but also for ourselves, what do we want for our life or our
health, our family. Do we want to travel, have big cars, give back, spend more time with our
family etc? There is no right or wrong goal there is just your goal! No one else can tell you
what it is because they are not you.

Goals should also be in line with your personal values. Your business decisions will be really
different if your personal goal is to build a family business that you can pass on to other
generation, or building a business that you can sell and retire on.

Tips for Goals

• Dream big but be realistic. I would love to be a singer, but trust me it is not going to happen, the paint starts to peel when I really get started.
• Look at where you want to be in 6 months, 12 months, 5 years, 10 years


      • I have a goal what now?

• A goal is no good without knowing what you need to achieve it.
• Start with the future and work your way back.
• Ask yourself is this action or decision going to get me to my goal or take me away from it?

Give it a try, write them down, check in with them often and you will be surprised how you
keep coming back to where you need be.

Look out for future blogs were we go into what it takes to achieve your goals.

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